Your MAP // Missionary Action Plan
As stated before, this MAP is designed to help build a strong missions foundation and support for those being sent. It is not intended to be an all-inclusive missionary training guide but simply a starting point or a foundation for future missions education and training. It has been created based on the recommendations of a variety of veteran missionaries, professors and missions pastors. Also, please note that this MAP is designed to take an individual between 12 and 24 months to complete but in some cases may be completed much sooner. It’s now time to get started with Phase 1:

Phase One: Developing/Being - Character and Community

  1. Read "Divine Mentor" and commit to daily devotions through SOAP
  2. Pray daily for nations around the world using a prayer resource like or
  3. Take the 30 Day Live Dead Challenge from the "Live Dead Journal"
  4. Attend, and if possible, lead or host an Explore Small Group.
  5. Join and serve faithfully on a SERVE Team at your local campus through Phases 1, 2 and 3 of the MAP
  6. In addition to your tithe, become a Kingdom Builder with over and above generosity.
  7. Pick a Global Team and go!!
  8. Begin to read some short classic Christian biographies like "They Knew their God"
  9. Attend River Valley’s NEXT, Alpha and Freedom classes.
  10. If married, contact to request a Marriage Mentor

Phase Two: Discovering/Knowing - Awareness and Education

  1. Read "The Missionary Call"
  2. Interview at least two long-term missionaries
  3. Email and request a list of Global Advocates for your campus. Then reach out to one of them and meet with them
  4. Start to explore possible missions sending agencies
  5. Research resources and ministries focused on your specific missions passion (see Resources)
  6. Consider possible educational options
  7. Through a relationship, share your personal testimony with an immigrant living in the U.S. and if possible, begin to study the Bible with them
  8. Read another classic Christian biography like "No Compromise"
  9. Review other possible recommended readings (see Recommended Readings)
  10. Meet with your Global Advocate

Phase Three: Doing - Leadership and Practical

  1. Read "Insanity of Obedience"
  2. Go on another Global Team to a different continent than your last one
  3. Be a part of or lead a cross-cultural ministry and begin to develop a cross-cultural friendship. If possible, start a Bible Study with them
  4. Interview at least two additional long-term missionaries
  5. Continue to research missionaries and sending organizations
  6. Live more simply, get out of debt, and grow a cash reserve of $10K
  7. Find the Global Support Team Information Packet on this page and begin developing your Global Support Team
  8. Connect with your Global Advocate; review your MAP progress

Phase Four: Deploying - Going

  1. Decide on a sending organization and work with them to determine a reasonable budget
  2. Read "The Spirituality of Fundraising"
  3. Contact the Missionary Coordinator at Global Project to request an official River Valley Global Project Missionary Profile
  4. Meet again with your Global Advocate
  5. Develop a timeline for going
  6. Find opportunities to present at churches, groups, etc.
  7. Go!!!!