Phase One Steps

  • Read "Divine Mentor" and commit to daily devotions through SOAP
  • Pray daily for nations around the world using a prayer resource like
  • Take the 30 Day Live Dead Challenge from the "Live Dead Journal"
  • Begin to consider who, from River Valley, can be your advocate. Have them contact Global Project for more information.
  • Attend and if possible, lead or host an Explore Lifegroup.
  • In addition to your tithe, become a Kingdom Builder with over and above generosity.
  • Pick a Global Team and go!!
  • Begin to read some short classic Christian biographies like "They Knew their God"
  • Attend River Valley’s NEXT and Alpha Sessions
  • If married, contact to request a Marriage Mentor

Phase Two Steps

  • Read The "Missionary Call"
  • Interview at least two long-term missionaries
  • Start to explore possible missions sending agencies
  • Research resources and ministries focused on your specific missions passion (see Resources)
  • Consider possible educational options
  • Through a relationship, share your personal testimony with a foreigner living in the U.S. and if possible, begin to study the Bible with them
  • Explore recommended mission’s related website resources
  • Read another classic Christian biography like "No Compromise"
  • Review other possible recommended readings (see Recommended Readings)
  • Meet with your Global Advocate

Phase Three Steps

  • Read "Insanity of Obedience"
  • Go on another Global Team to a different continent than your last one
  • Be a part of or lead a cross-cultural ministry and begin to develop cross-cultural relationships with foreigners living in the US
  • Interview at least two additional long-term missionaries
  • Continue to research missionaries and sending organizations
  • Live more simply, get out of debt, and grow a cash reserve of $10K
  • Identify your Global Support Team
  • Connect with your Global Advocate; review your MAP progress

Phase Four Steps

  • Decide on a sending organization and work with them to determine a reasonable budget
  • Read "The Spirituality of Fundraising"
  • Contact the Missionary Coordinator at Global Project to request an official River Valley Global Project Missionary Profile
  • Meet again with your Global Advocate
  • Develop a timeline for going
  • Find opportunities to present at churches, groups, etc. outside of River Valley Church.
  • Go!!!!