MAP // Missionary Action Plan is designed to help build a strong missions foundation and support for those being sent. It is not intended to be an all-inclusive missionary training guide but simply a starting point or a foundation for future missions education and training.

It has been created based on a compilation of recommendations from veteran missionaries, professors and missions pastors. Also, please note that this MAP is designed to take an individual between 12-24 months to complete but in some cases may be completed much sooner.

How do I get started?

You can start the MAP process by clicking REGISTER FOR THE MAP (on the left),  then start completing the Phase Checkoff worksheet.

Please Note - Registering as a married couple requires both individuals to complete Part One (Personal Information and Family Life) of the registration form. Part Two, Callings and Leadership, Church/Leadership Involvement, and References are considered as family responses so only one of you need to fill that section out. In order to complete the spouse portion of this registration, you must log out and have your spouse log in and complete their Part One section.

Justin Mack
Pastor, Global Project
River Valley Church


Vital Relationships for Missions Success

Support Team
We do not believe that you should go on this journey alone; you need a team of supporters standing beside you. River Valley Church believes in missions, believes in you and wants to help you fulfill the call that God has placed on your life. Here is the support team we highly recommend:

  • Global Advocate
    A Global Advocate is a trained individual who is both passionate about missions and can walk beside you each step of your journey. They will help you process through key phases and questions and perhaps at times even challenge you to keep going. Ask a current mentor or lay leader in your life to get reach out to Global Project and we’ll provide guidance and resources, so they can fulfill the role successfully.
  • Global Support Team
    Your Global Support Team is a small group (6-8) of close family and/or friends who will agree to encourage you, challenge you, pray for you and be the ones to remember you on those days when you feel forgotten and perhaps overwhelmed. (Connect with your Advocate for more information.)
  • River Valley Church
    As your home church, River Valley Church is committed to raising 500 missionaries from our church.  We consider it an honor to use our resources to reach the world and will help financially support any approved missionary from River Valley Church.
  • Sending Organization/Agency
    At some point along the way, you will need to designate a sending organization/agency to partner with. This organization will provide greater training, development and accountability in several critical areas, including financial accountability. (See below more sending organization/agency details.)
  • Financial Supporters
    In addition to the financial support River Valley Church will provide, as part of the 500, you will need a number of additional financial supporters, including other churches, family members, old friends, coworkers, neighbors, and many others.