MAP // Missionary Action Plan is designed to help build a strong missions foundation and support for those being sent. It is not intended to be an all-inclusive missionary training guide but simply a starting point or a foundation for future missions education and training.

It has been created based on a compilation of recommendations from veteran missionaries, professors and missions pastors. Also, please note that this MAP is designed to take an individual between 12-24 months to complete but in some cases may be completed much sooner.

How do I get started?

You can start the MAP process by registering as a MAP Candidate, then start completing the Phase Checkoff worksheet.

Please Note - Registering as a married couple requires both individuals to complete Part One (Personal Information and Family Life) of the registration form. Part Two, Callings and Leadership, Church/Leadership Involvement, and References are considered as family responses so only one of you need to fill that section out. In order to complete the spouse portion of this registration, you must log out and have your spouse log in and complete their Part One section.

Justin Mack
Pastor, Global Project
River Valley Church