Phase 1 Questions (Developing: Character and Community, focusing on the being)

  1. Describe what your devotional life looks like? (time/frequency/consistency)
    • Resource: SOAP and/or other
  2. Describe what your prayer life looks like? (time/frequency/consistency)
    • Resource: Operation World
  3. Have you been to or are you in one of the Explore (formerly Global Talk) Lifegroups?
    • Resource: Global Talk or Global Journey
  4. Have you been through NEXT? Are you a member?
    • Resource: Lifegroup Locator or church office
  5. Have you been to the Holy Spirit Retreat?
    • Resource: River Valley website or church office
  6. If applicable, describe the health of your marriage?
    • Resource: Marriage Mentors

Date of Meeting:

People Present:

Special Notes: (Please summarize each answer in the special notes section provided)

Phase 2 Questions (Discover: Awareness and Education, focusing on knowing)
Date of Meeting:

  1. Have you been on a Global Team? Where?
    • Encourage multiple Global Teams
  2. Do you have a clear passion?
    • A place, a people or a problem
    • If not, would you consider the unreached
      • River Valley’s focus is the unreached, no access, church planting
  3. What missions-focused books have you read?
    • Resources: Recommended Reading List
  4. Have you done any research?
    • Resources: Websites listed both issues and organizations
  5. Have you interviewed any missionaries?
    • Resource: Global Talk
  6. Are you thinking long-term or short-term?
  7. Are you thinking career or supported?
  8. Do you have the support of family and friends?
    • Resource: Global Support Team

Phase 3 Questions (Do: Leadership and Practical, focusing on doing)
Date of Meeting:

  1. What areas are you involved and leading?
    • Resources: Lifegroups, Local Service Projects, Weekend Serving
  2. Do you have any debt?
    • Resources: Advance (formerly Financial Peace University)
  3. Are there any organizations or agencies that are standing out to you?
    • Resources: Recommended Sending Organizations
  4. Is your passion clearer or has it changed?
Special Notes: (Please summarize each answer in the special notes section provided and forward Phase 1-3 notes to}

Phase 4 Questions (Deploy: Decisions and Direction, focusing on going)

Date of Meeting:

  1. Do you feel ready?
  2. Where?
  3. Timeline/When?
  4. How much?

Special Notes:

  • Please summarize each answer in the special notes section provided and forward Phase 4 notes to
  • Your MAPer will be completing an official River Valley Global Project Missionary Profile in this Phase. You can direct your MAP Candidate to the Missionary Coordinator at Global Project.